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VetClin 576 Introduction to Clinical Research - 2014

last update May 27, 2014


Provide links to handout and on-line materials for this year's class

Week 1:


View, noting the key points about the review process and what makes proposals outstanding:



Obtain and begin reading:

Week 2:




For your consideration:

Week 3:

Thur, Jan 30: Exchange first precis draft



Week 4:

Thur, Feb 6: Reviewers provide peer review to authors  


Week 5:


Week 6: (Monday - President's Holiday)

Thur, Feb 20: Exchange final precis draft


Week 7:

Thur, Feb 27: Reviewers provide peer review to authors

Week 8:

Week 9:

Spring Break

Week 10:

Thur, Mar 27: First exchange of proposal drafts



Week 11:

Mon, Mar 31: Reviewers provide peer review to authors

Week 12:

Mon, Apr 7: Second exchange of proposal drafts

Week 13:

Mon, Apr 14: Reviewers provide final peer review to authors

Week 14:

Monday, Apr 21: Lorena O'English

Thursday, Apr 24: Searching for the evidence: Using library resources - Vicki Croft  (regular place)

Completed proposals due to VCS Research Committee by midnight, Thursday, April 24

Week 15:

Due Dates: (updated 3/27/14)

Week Date Action
3 Jan 30 Authors give first précis draft to peer review group
4 Feb 6 Reviewers provide first précis draft peer review to author
6 Feb 20 Authors give completed précis to peer review group
7 Feb 27 Reviewers provide peer review of completed précis to author
10 Mar 27 Authors give first proposal draft and précis to peer review group
11 Mar 31 Reviewers provide first peer review of proposal draft to author
12 Apr 7 Authors give second proposal draft and précis to peer review group
13 Apr 14 Reviewers provide second peer review of proposal to author
14 Apr 24 Final grant proposal due to VCS Research Committee
15 Apr 29  

future handout materials:

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