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WWWeb Epidemiology & Evidence-based Medicine Sources for Veterinarians

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Purpose of this List:

This list is selected to provide veterinary students and practitioners useful epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and biostatistics resources on the Web. The emphasis is on academic materials or those materials useful in an academic setting and, due to my interests, likely biased toward agricultural animals. This is not by any means an exhaustive list and some gems are likely missing! Absence of gems is an oversight on my part. To increase the utility of this list in the printed form, the major URLs are not hidden. If you find useful sites that I should consider listing, find any that I should remove from this list or find broken links, please let me know. Please note that I have not made other than a brief, cursory scan of the contents of some of these sites to determine if it appeared sufficiently interesting to warrant including in this list.

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Evolving "Webology": (rapidly evolving web-based information communication systems)


Blogs: (blogs often have "blogrolls" linking other blogs the author follows)



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On-line Texts and Courses:

Major Items:

A Short Introduction to Epidemiology, 2nd ed. pdf  N Pearce, Massey University, New Zealand, 153 pgs., ISBN 0-476-01236-8, 2005 - pdf2
An Introduction to Veterinary Epidemiology
, pdf  Wisc pdf M Stevenson, Massey University, New Zealand, 90 pgs., 2005
An Introduction to Epidemiology for Health Professionals - pdf  J Olsen et al. 2010
Basic epidemiology, 2nd ed - pdf R Bonita, R Beaglehole, T Kjellstrom, World Health Organization, 213 pgs. 2006 pdf2
Epidemiology for the Uninitiated, 4th ed. TOC D. Coggon, G. Rose, DJP Barker. British Medical Journal, 1997


  1. What is epidemiology?
  2. Quantifying disease in populations
  3. Comparing disease rates
  4. Measurement error and bias
  5. Planning and conducting a survey
  6. Ecological studies
  7. Longitudinal studies
  8. Case-control and cross sectional studies
  9. Experimental studies
  10. Screening
  11. Outbreaks of disease
  12. Reading epidemiological reports
  13. Further reading

Handbook of Biological Statistics, 2009 (JH McDonald, U Delaware) - pdf

How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence Based Medicine. T. Greenhalgh, ed. ISBN 0 7279 1139 2, 184 pp, 1997.

Chapters Selected by BMJ:

  1. Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research)
  2. Papers that summarise other papers (systematic reviews and meta-analyses)
  3. Papers that tell you what things cost (economic analyses)
  4. Papers that report diagnostic or screening tests
  5. Papers that report drug trials
  6. Statistics for the non-statistician. II: "Significant" relations and their pitfalls
  7. Statistics for the non-statistician
  8. Assessing the methodological quality of published papers
  9. Getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about)
  10. The Medline database

HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook (David M. Lane, Rice U.)

Intuitive Biostatistics (H Motulsky) - amazon

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (GE Dallal, Tufts)

SticiGui Text: Table of Contents (PB Stark, Dept. Statistics, UC Berkeley) Statistics means never having to say you're certain.

Basic statistics for clinicians (CMAJ - JAMC)

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics (R. Lowry, Vassar - on-line text)

History of Epidemiologic Methods

Principles of Epidemiology - CDC Self-study course SS1978

Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice: An introduction to applied epidemiology and Biostatistics, 3rd ed. (511 pg pdf Text - CDC self-study course)

Probability and statistics EBook (UCLA)

Statistics at Square One, 9th ed. TOC TDV Swinscow, Revised by MJ Campbell, 1997, BMJ Publishing Group


  1. Data display and summary
  2. Mean and standard deviation
  3. Populations and samples
  4. Statements of probability and confidence intervals
  5. Differences between means: type I and type II errors and power
  6. Differences between percentages and paired alternatives
  7. The t tests
  8. The chi-squared tests
  9. Exact probability test
  10. Rank score tests
  11. Correlation and regression
  12. Survival analysis
  13. Study design and choosing a statistical test

British Dental Journal - Further Statistics in Dentistry

Studying Populations: A Computer Assisted Learning Package for Basic Epidemiological Methods (CD-based, downloadable)

Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health (on-line epidemiology lectures, RE LaPorte, U Pittsburgh, director)

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (GE Dallal, Tufts U)

Understanding the fundamentals of epidemiology: an evolving text. VJ Schoenbach, WD Rosamond, U North Carolina, 2000.

Veterinary Epidemiology - An Introduction (D Pfieiffer Univ London, 2002, 62 page pdf)

Veterinary epidemiology and economics in Africa - A manual for use in the design and appraisal of livestock health policy, 2nd ed. TOC, SNH. Putt, APM. Shaw, AJ Woods, L Tyler, AD James, ISBN 92-9053-076-6, 1989

My Materials:

Alphabetical Items:

AusVet Animal Health Services Epidemiological Resources

 Guides to active surveillance techniques for developed and developing countries by Angus Cameron.
(note-this Acrobat PDF file is likely sized for A4 paper. To print on US 8.5 x 11, select "Shrink to Fit" on the "Print" menu. Otherwise, margin printing will be obscured and printer memory overflow may occur.)

A Dictionary of Epidemiology (short definitions - Univ Oxford Epidemiology shortcourse)

A Dictionary of (Ecological) Epidemiology (J Swinton, Univ of Cambridge)

A New View of Statistics (WG Hopkins, AUT University, NZ)

An Introduction to Information Mastery (on-line tutorial, MH Ebell, Michigan State U)

Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics (Michael Friendly, York Univ.)

CDC Glossaries:

Clinical Research Training Programs - AAMC

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics (R Lowry, Vassar VassarStats)

Data Analysis With Epi Info (B Gerstman, San Jose State U)

Electronic Statistics Textbook - StatSoft (based on Stastica and complete, downloadable for quick access (4.7 Mb))

epidemiolog.net (VJ Schoenbach, U North Carolina School of Public Health)

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases - The CDC Pink Book - pdf files

EPIET - European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training

Exploring Data (curriculum support materials for introductory statistics)

Gerstman, B. Brian - San Jose State U

Guidelines for Investigating Clusters of Health Events (CDC)

Handbook of Medical Informatics (J.H. van Bemmel, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, M.A. Musen, Stanford University, Stanford)

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications (busness statistics version) WWW Version 1.0 DW Stockburger, Southwest Missouri State University (on-line textbook)

Multivariate Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications (DW Stockburger, Missouri State U)

PROPHET StatGuide: Expanded List of Topics

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (DM Lane)

Risk Analysis Teaching and Learning Website (DM Kammen UC Berkeley, DM Hassenzahl U Nevada)

STEPS - STatistical Education through Problem Solving: Biology Modules (downloadable modules for statistics training)

SticiGui: Statistics Tools for Internet and Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface (P Stark, UC Berkeley)

Supercourse: Epidemiology, the Internet and Global Health (Professor Ronald E LaPorte, University of Pittsburgh)

SurfStat Australia

Macnaughton, Don - MatStat Research Consulting Inc

WEB Center for Social Research Methods - WMK Trochim, Cornell


The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (G Dallal, Tufts)

Understanding the Fundamentals of Epidemiology: An Evolving Text (18 chapters as PDF files - V. Schoenbach, U North Carolina) - TOC pdf

Course Materials:

Other Stuff:

Chance Database (materials for an introductory probability course)

Pathobiology 640 Introduction to Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health (U Ill)

  • Conservation Medicine: Ecological Health in Practice Amazon
  • Ecosystem Health: Principles and Practice Amazon
  • Ecosystem Change and Public Health: A Global Perspective Amazon

Mission Critical (D. Mesher, San Jose State University - on-line tutorial in critical thinking and reasoning)

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Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Medicine Center Web-sites:

Australian College of Veterinary Scientists

BEME Collaboration - Best Evidence Medical Education

BestBETs - Best Evidence Topics - Evidence-based medicine at its best

Betty C. Jung's website

Campbell Collaboration - Systematic reviews of C2 Social, Psychological, Education, and Criminological Trials Registry (C2-SPECTR), and the C2 Reviews of Interventions, and Policy Evaluations (C2-RIPE).

CDC training

CEBM - Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (Oxford)

CEVM - Centre for Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine (U Nottingham)

Centre for Health Evidence - University of Alberta (Formerly EBM: Bridging Evidence to Practice (McMaster University - The Origin of EBM) "know what to do, do what is known, understand what is done"

Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness - UC Berkeley School of Public Health

CIDR - Center for Infectious Diseases & Emergency Readiness, UC Berkeley

CIFOR - Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response

CONSORT - Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials

EBDM - Evidence Based Decision Making (USC Health Sciences)


EBVMA - Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine Association

Electronic Public Health (Links - Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford)

epidemiolog.net (an evolving text web site - V. Schoenbach)

epidemiology history:

Sir Bradford Hill


John Snow:


EpiVetNet Home Page (Dirk Pfeiffer, Massey University, New Zealand - Nice site)

Evidence Based Decision Making (GS Doig, U Sydney)

evidence-based medicine:

Evidence-Based Medicine (journal - BMJ)

Evidence Based Medicine - Clarian eLearning Experience, Methodist Emergency Medical and Trauma Center

Evidence-Based Practice (links to resources - U Washington Health Sci Library)

Evidence-based Medicine Resource Center - New York Academy of Medicine, Evidence-based Medicine Committee, American College of Physicians, New York Chapter

factbites - evidence-based medicine

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology (North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness)

FOCUS Issues

FSRPN - Food Safety Research and Response Network

GRADE working group (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation)

I.D.W.L Infectious Disease Weblink: An Infectious Disease Specialty Supersite (links)

Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine (on-line tutorial, Duke University, University of North Carolina)

ISI Histcite Bibliographic Analysis - Eugene Garfield - Evidence-based Medicine 92-04

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Journal Club Toolbox - Washington U. School of Medicine

KDnuggets (Data mining website - links to on-line resources)

Medical Geography - The Geography Site

mathepi.com - Mathematical Epidemiology

medepi.com - Medical Epidemiology - (T Aragon, CIDR UC Berkeley)

National Guideline Clearinghouse

NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (Univ. York)

RCVS Wellcome Library

RATL - Risk Analysis Teaching and Learning Home Page - David M. Hassenzahl, U Nevada Las Vegas

Society for Medical Decision Making


The Cochrane Collaboration (Preparing, maintaining and promoting the accessibility of systematic reviews of the effects of health care interventions)

The Wisdom Center (registration required - online informatics courses, reference materials)

TripDatabase (evidence-based medical resources - Jon Brassey and Dr Chris Price)

University of Washington Health Links

US News and World Report


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Biostatistics Web-sites:

On-line texts:

American Statistical Association (ASA) Section on Statistics in Epidemiology (SIE)

AustVet Animal Health Svcs - Software - FreeCalc, Survey ToolBox, QCEL Laboratory Quality Controll Toolkit


Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Statistical Policy and Research

categorical data:

clinical decision making:

Curious Cat Library

diagnostic test evaluation:

EpiData Workshop - UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Exact-stats (mail list, archives, files) - JISCmail math & statistics lists


EHDP - Expert Health Data Programming, Inc.


Free Statistics


Interactive Statistical Pages

Journal of Statistics Education - (on-line 93 - 00 archives)

Linux spreadsheets (Christopher Browne's Web Pages)

Math Archives: Topics in Mathematics (Links, static as of 2001)

Mathcad - MathSoft (MathCAD)

Mathtools.net: The technical computing portal for all your scientific and engineering needs (extensive lists)


NRCSE - National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment (U. Washington)

STRUTS: Statistical Rules of Thumb, 1998  - G van Belle pdf

optimal design:

Power and Precision (sample size software; downloadable demo version)


Python.org - wiki

Ruby - wiki

R (longer entry below)

Recursive Partitioning Resource Center

Resampling Stats

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Robert Niles - Data on the Internet

SAS - customer support



StatGraphics Internet Statistical Computing Center

Statistical Rules of Thumb - TOC

Statistical Services Center (U Reading)

Statistics.Com (listing of statistical software, statistical short courses)

Statistics101 (Java program running "Resampling Stats" language

Statistix for Windows (Analytical Software - free trial download)

Statmodel - Mplus (Structural equation modeling) - discussion

STROBE: STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology

SURV2: Relative Survival Analysis Program

UnifyPow (A SAS Module/Macro for Sample-Size Analysis, R O'Brien, Cleveland Clinic Foundation)

Washington Statistical Society - Methodology Seminars

WISE (Web Interface for Statistics Education - Claremont College)

class notes:



Wikipedia - Statistics

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On-line Government Data Sources and Websites:

Animal Health Australia

NAHIS - The National Animal Health Information System

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Census Bureau - National Data Book

CHSI - Community Health Status Indicators Project (Health Resources and Services Admin, HHS)

Department of Labor

FedStats (US Federal statistics contributed to site by federal agencies)

French Sentinel System

Health Canada Disease Surveillance On-Line

NAHMS - USDA Nation Animal Health Monitoring System

NAHSS - USDA National Animal Health Surveillance System

NIST StRD - Statistical Reference Datasets (datasets with certified computational results for statistical software evaluation ))

NCI SEER (National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology & End Results)

NCI SRAB (Statistical Research and Applications Branch)

PAHO - Pan American Health Organization

Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan Documents Center)

UK National Statistics Gateway

Understanding the World Today


US GAO - General Accounting Office (GAO - investigative arm of Congress)


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On-Line or Downloadable Computer Programs:

AusVet Animal Health Services

Boston College Department of Economics Statistical Software Components (many downloadable STATA modules)

CLIVE (Computer-aided in Learning In Veterinary Education)

Win Episcope 2

CMDT (Computational methods for diagnostic tests)

EPIDAT (Epidemiological Analysis of Tabulated Data - PAHO)

EpiData Software (data entry and documentation - Lauritsen, Bruus, Myatt)

Epi-Info - CDC (Free software for data management and epidemiologic analysis)

EpiTools.Net (T Aragon, UC Berkeley)

EPIZOO:  Software for use in Veterinary Public Health and Animal Disease Control (Vaclav Kouba)

experimental design:

Free Public Health Software (written by Mark Myatt)

EpiCalc 2000                    Statistical calculator
FP Advisor                        Foodborne disease database 
SampleXS                         Sample size calculator for cross-sectional surveys 
SigmaD                              Standardization of measurement 
SOUNDEX Calculators     Confidentiality of data / identification of duplicate records 
SampleLQ                          Sample size calculator for LQAS surveys
SampleRate                        Sample size calculator for a single rate
EpiGram                             Simple diagramming software 
Statistical Utilities                Statistical and epidemiological utilities (by Ray Simons)
EpiInfo Add-ins                   Logistic regression and survival analysis for EpiInfo .REC files

Free Statistical Software

GraphROC for Windows: Tools for clinical test evaluation

Healthcare Freeware

Interactive Statistical Pages

Lawrence Joseph: Bayesian sample size software

MedCalc 3000 (on-line medical calculations)

Medical College of Wisconsin Online Clinical Calculators

NetEpi: Free, open source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice (Tim Churches)


OpenEpi - Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health (Emory U Rollins School of Public Health)

PEPI : Statistical Programs For Epidemiologists (JH Abramson, Hebrew Univ) - dead links

PEPI-for-Windows (WINPEPI) - Brixton Health - Joe Abramson

power and sample size:

Prophet Software - Statistical and Sequence Analysis Software

Public Domain Software for Epidemiological Analysis - DOS and Windows (UCLA School of Public Health)

R - R Project for Statistical Computing (freeware language and environment for statistical computing and graphics that is similar to S)

Resampling Stats (trial version on-line)

ROC Software (software; Ben Herman, Kurt Rossmann Laboratories, University of Chicago)

Java applets for power and ample-size (Russ Lenth, U. of Iowa, Excel add-in, Java applets)

SEER Statistical Software (SEER Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results - National Cancer Institute)

Statistics Demonstration Java Applets (EA Suess, Cal State East Bay)

Statistics101 (Resampling Stats programming language)

StatPages.org (JC Pezzullo, Georgetown U) - Free Statistical Software

SURV2: Software for Relative Survival Analysis

symbolic math programs - google

EpitTools Survey Toolbox (software for planning, conducting and analyzing animal health surveys)

The BUGS Project  

UML - Unified Modeling Language

Vanderbilt Medical Center

W3MCSim - Monte Carlo Simulation (UCLA)

Willows (classifiers)- H Zhang, Yale Univ.

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Other On-Line Materials:

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library:

Hardin MetaDirectory of Internet Health Resources (U Iowa)

Medical Student and MD (web ring)

The James Lind Library: Illustrating the development of fair tests of treatments in health care

Martindale's The Reference Desk

American Medical Association

Anatomy of an Epidemic

APHA - American Public Health Association

APTR - Association for Prevention Teaching and Research - curriculum

ARCUS Quickstat (Biomedical statistics - downloadable trial version)

Artica (an interactive epidemiologic investigation for k-12)

Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine

Association of Teachers of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Bad Science (Dr. Ben Goldacre) - wiki

Betty C. Jung's Web site (public health - huge)

Bibliografia sulla qualit delle informazioni mediche (English bibliography on the quality of internet medical materials)

Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources (Nicole Auer, Virginia Polytechnic and State University)
http://www.lib.vt.edu/research/libinst/evalbiblio.html (dead link 3/01)

Bruce Weaver's Links (Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster Univ)

Cattle Disease Diagnostic System (CaDDiS)    (Veterinary Informatics & Epidemiology, University of Strathclyde and University of Glasgow)
http://www.dis.strath.ac.uk/vie/CaDDiS     (Interactive CaDDiS model)
http://www.dis.strath.ac.uk/vie/CaDDiS/docs/Home_Page.html     (CaDDiS Home Page)

Causality (C R Shalizi, U Michigan Center for the Study of Complex Systems)

CDC On-line Presentations

EXCITE (CDC Excellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology - Epidemiology training materials for K-12)

CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health - accrediting body)

Comparison of Interactive Mortality Data Analysis Systems

Complex Systems in Biology (M. Chicurel, tools and centers for understanding complex biological systems, BioMedNet #38)
http://biomednet.com/hmsbeagle/38/webres/insitu.htm (requires site login and password (free))

Cognitive Function and Decision making

DefendingScience.Org (Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy (SKAPP): application of scientific evidence in the legal and regulatory arenas)

Delta Omega Public Health Honorary Society Classics (PDF texts by John Snow, Florence Nightengale and others)

Ed Rigdon's SEM FAQ (structural equation modeling)

Emergency Medicine on the Web ( National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics - includes on-line clinical calculators)

Epidemiology for Journalists: Briefing Papers for Journalists (D. Wartenberg, Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

Epidemio-L (list for methodological issues in epidemiology)
Archives through 12/99 and subscription information

Epidemiology Resources

EpiMonitor (Epidemiology Monitor)

Evaluating Drug Literature Actively (slide series, Paul Cuddy)

Evaluating internet information - Virginia Tech

Evaluating Internet Research Sources (Robert Harris, Vanguard Univ)

Evaluating Internet Sites - American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise

Evaluation of information sources - Criteria - Alastair Smith, Victoria U of Wellington

Evidence Based Medicine: Finding the Best Clinical Literature (U Illinois)

Framework for and assessment of the weight of evidence in the relationship of exposure to moulds in indoor settings and human health effects - Appendix 1

Free Medical Journals .com

Grading System for Recommendations in Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines (Scotland - PDF)
http://www.nzgg.org.nz/tools/Grading System for Recommendations - Review Report.pdf

Guidelines for Good Epidemiology Practices 

How to do Research (advice, links - I. Kennedy)

How to do research (advice - Paul Hutchinson)

How to do research (links - S Miksch)

How to Read a Clinical Journal (New York Medical College)

How to study statistics (advice - Paul Hutchinson)

HCRA - Harvard Center for Risk Analysis

Injury Control Resource Information Network

Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences (RH Mulford Library, Medical College of Ohio)

International Food Information Council (IFIC)

International Animal Health Code - 1999 Edition

Introduction to Clinical Reasoning Home Page (Medical University of South Carolina)

Knowledge Management in Health Services (on-line course - L. Larson, Univ. Wash)

Medical Education On-line (on-line journal and resources)

Resource section http://www.Med-Ed-Online.org/resource.htm#resource

  • ORINTA: A Small Software Program to Learn Risk Ratio and Odds Ratio in an Elementary Course of Epidemiology
  • An interactive lecture about the logistic function as a tool for assessing risk
  • Measurement of Risk in Epidemiology (minicourse)
  • Statistical Power Calculator
  • Interrater Reliability Calculator
  • STAT*WRITER (electronic pearl-book for class notes and factoids of medical training)

Institute of Medicine Report on Medical Mistakes - press

Links2Go: Probability and Statistics

National Center for Reliable Health Information (formerly National Council Against Health Fraud)

The Alt Med Advisory Page - NCRHI Veterinary Task Force (links to materials)

National Public Health Partnership

News & Numbers (Victor Cohn, Washington Post science editor - Reporting Tools for reporters)
http://www.facsnet.org/report_tools/news_numbers/main.html (dead link)

Outbreak (Outbreak is an on-line information service addressing emerging human diseases.)

Outcomes from Observational Studies: Understanding causal ambiguity

P.Mean Website (SD Simon)

Preventive Veterinary Medicine

ProMED (Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases - listserver and other information)

Quackwatch: Your Guide to Health Fraud, Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions (Stephen Barrett, M.D., medical editor, Prometheus Books)

Ralph R. Frerichs (UCLA School of Public Health)

Reporting on Risk: A Journalist's Handbook on Environmental Risk Assessment

Senn, Stephen

Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena (Brian Dunning)

spreadsheets:  wiki

Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources (Michael Friendly, York University SCS) - static 8/04

Statistics.Com - on-line courses (extensive links to software, databases)

Cause - Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education

Statistics on the Web (Clay Helberg)

Maths, Stats & OR Network (The Higher Education Academy)

Task Force for Veterinary Science

Teaching Inference about Proportions Using Bayes and Discrete Models (J Albert, J Stat Educ 3(3), 1995)

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly or Why it's a good idea to evaluate web sources SE Beck, New Mexico State U Library

TransSecurityReport Outbreak Global Incident Map

Ultimate Guide to Thinking Critically about Web Resources - Clickinks.com articles

University of Cambridge Institute of Public Health

University of Texas Statistical Services FAQ

US Federal Judicial Center Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, 2nd ed 2000 (for Federal Judges - downloadable sections)

How Science Works
Reference Guide on Epidemiology - 68 pg pdf
Reference Guide on Toxicology
Reference Guide on Survey Research
Reference Guide on Statistics - 96 pg pdf
Reference Guide on Multiple Regression
Reference Guide on Engineering Practice and Methods

Zoonoses and Veterinary Public Health - WHO

World Bank Public Health Surveillance Toolkit

Ulcer story:


Blogs and other evolving sources:

Blogs: Listservs


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