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2005 Spring Ruminant Nutrition Conference

Co-sponsored by WSU Vet Med, U of I AVS and Cargill Animal Nutrition

Ver 1.0 Initiated 4/8/05 Last Updated 04/14/05


To increase training in ruminant nutrition by providing a forum for training in practical ruminant nutrition as it is applied in the field. The course is open to veterinarians, faculty, veterinary and grad students and upper division undergraduate Ag majors (Animal Sci, Prevet, Ag Business etc). Participants should have basic knowledge of animal health principles as they relate to the ruminant model. In depth understanding of ruminate nutrition is not required.


Evaluating particle size of forages and TMRs using the New Penn State Forage Particle Separator (local pdf, J Heinrichs, P Kononoff)

Evaluating particle size of forages and TMRs using the Penn State Particle Size Separator (local pdf, Jud Heinrichs)

Body Condition Scoring as a Tool for Dairy Herd Management (local pdf, U Penn)

Using Manure Evaluation to Enhance Dairy Cattle Nutrition (local pdf, P Kononoff, J Heinrichs, G Varga)


Ruminant Nutrition: The Art and the Sciences of Feeding (S Waltner pdf)

Ruminant Nutrition: Metabolic Disease and Toxicology (S Waltner pdf)

Camelids, Sheep and Goats (S Waltner pdf)


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