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VM 577P Herd Production Medicine

2014 Schedule

JM Gay updated 03/24/2014

Meeting Time and Location:

Friday 1:10 - 3:00 PM ADBF 2018 or as arranged

Semester Week Topic Speaker
Week 1:   calendars - academic
Fri, Jan 17   VM 577 Course Introduction   Dr. John Gay
Week 2:    
Mon, Jan 20 MLK Day - All University Holiday
Fri, Jan 24     Dr. John Gay
   Assignment - Professional Service Fee Exercise - pdf      
Week 3:      
Fri, Jan 31     Dr. John Gay
Week 4:    
Fri, Feb 7     Dr. John Gay
   Assignment - Producer Enterprise Budget Exercise - pdf  
Week 5:  
Fri, Feb 14     Dr. John Gay
  Assignment - Personal Strategic Planning: Investing in your career - pdf  
Week 6:    
Mon, Feb 17 President's Day - Class Holiday
Fri, Feb 21  Dairy Calf Management Services - 1   Dr. Dale Moore
Week 7:  
Fri, Feb 28   Feedlot Management Services   Dr. Scott MacGregor
      Dr. Jerry Woodruff
Week 8:    
Fri, Mar 7   Implants, Stress, and Reproduction   Dr. Ram Kasimanickam
Week 9:  
Fri, Mar 14   Dairy Calf Management Services - 2   Dr. Dale Moore
  Spring Break - Mar 17 - Mar 21
Week 10:    
Fri, Mar 28 Food security and how it applies to future veterinarians    Dr. Chris Schneider
Week 11:     
Fri, Apr 4   Production Livestock Client Communications    Dr. Julie Cary
      Dr. John Wenz
Week 12:    
Fri, Apr 11   Health Management Professional Services   Dr. John Wenz
Week 13:    
Fri, Apr 18   Health Data Management    Dr. John Wenz
Week 14:     
Fri, Apr 25
  Dairy Health Management Assessments      Dr. John Wenz
Week 15:
Fri, May 2    Small Ruminants    Dr. Steve Parish 
  Finals Week May 5 - 9

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