VM 577 Herd Production Medicine

Querying Practitioners and Producers

Version 2.1 Updated 02/20/12


To begin identifying people doing what you want to do, who may serve as mentors and begin soliciting their advice on how to get from where you are (school) to where you want to go. The broader the range of advice you receive from ag animal practitioners and livestock producers in different geographic regions doing what you want to do the better prepared you will be for pursuing your career.

Potential Assignment:

After a field trip, write a paragraph or so and be prepared to discuss the most useful, interesting or surprising information that you received from practitioners. The purpose to share information gained on this field trip, particularly that from the small group time with individual practitioners, with classmates so that all benefit from your experience.

Some Suggested Questions: (You are certainly encouraged to come up with your own!)

The following are questions that you might consider asking practitioners and producers.

Knowledge and Skills:

Asking about Clients:

Personal and Family:

Querying Producers: