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Teaching and Learning

D R A F T   Initiated 6/14/07  Updated 08/03/11


Education - alternative on-line texts: About Learning: Annenberg Competencies and literacies:


Boeing - Desired Attributes of an Engineer

Common Core Standards Initiative

Council for Economic Education

Doing Good and Doing Well - Doing Well

Economic Literacy by Bob Parvin (a bit heretical)

Economic Literacy Project (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) - Sound Money site

financial literacy:

How to Change the World (Guy Kawasaki)

IASE - International Statistical Literacy Project

ICW - Institute for a Competitive Workforce

MAA - Mathematical Association of America

Make College Pay Off (Bill Coplin)

Math for Life - Ian Morrison - pdf

National Council for Economic Education

National Forum on Information Literacy

National Institute for Literacy

National Numeracy Network

NWRC - National Work Readiness Credential - Online System

Political Math - old


Statistical Literacy


About Teaching:


Claremont McKenna College - Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children

JiTT - Just in Time Teaching

Life Long Learning at Work and at Home - U Memphis Dept of Psychology

National Academy for Academic Leadership

OISE Technology Tips

Peer Instruction

PII: Program for Instructional Innovation - Oklahoma University

Project Kaleidoscope

SERC: Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College

Teaching for Success - Jack Shrawder

Teaching for Understanding: Putting Understanding Up Front (ALPS Harvard)

The Collegiate Way - Residential Colleges - Robert J. O'Hara

TPI - Teaching Perspective Inventory

UK Physical Sciences Centre - The Higher Education Academy

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Western Wyoming Community College - Faculty Resources

Adult Learning

Cognitive Function:

Critical Thinking

Educational Organizations:


Faculty Development:

Habits of Mind:

Learning Representation

SoTL: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning



Teaching Materials (Mostly - Teaching materials without a better place to put them):






Blogs / Lists / Wikis:

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