VMS 361 Agricultural Animal Health

Lecture and Internet Supplement (Dr. J. Gay's portion)
Initiated April 19, 2004 Updated 04/21/11


The purpose of this web page is to provide supplemental on-line material for students enrolled in VMS 361 Agricultural Animal Health. The material is added with the most recent on top, the oldest at the bottom.

Note: Assignments will be added as they are given in class.

Additional Materials:

Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex - On-line Veterinary Merck Manual

Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex (BRD) (Merial)

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in Stocker / Backgrounding Operations (BL Larson, Missouri)
http://www.cvm.missouri.edu/.../Food%20Animal%20Diseases/Cattle%20Diseases/ Bovine%20Respiratory%20Disease%20I.doc

Pasteurella Disease in Beef Cattle (EJ Richey, Florida)

Cornell Consultant Terms

Sanitation in the control of livestock infectious disease

Calf Scours - On-line Veterinary Merck Manual

Midland Bioproducts Corporation

Colostrum Bovine IgG Midland Quick Test Kit

Calf Necropsy - Scours Work-up (Colorado State)

Reading Assignment:

Read "Basic Concepts for Cow-Calf Herd Health Programs" at: http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/courses-jmgay/FDIUCowCalfHH.htm1

On-line Browsing Assignment:

Browse through the following websites. Hand in the first page of one website (or any website you find with a similar theme) in each of the three sets below.

Quality Assurance Programs:  

"By uniting animal scientists, veterinarians, feed suppliers, animal health companies, packers and retailers with producers, the BQA program acts as a catalyst to encourage that the latest in science and technology is used to meet expectations about beef quality, wholesomeness and safety." NCBA website

Browse through the following examples of on-line quality assurance websites. Note that the private veterinarian is an integral part of most of these programs. As a producer, you need to be aware of the impact of your management practices on the consumer's perception of the quality of your product.

Milk and Dairy Quality Assurance Program

Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance

Beef Quality Assurance (Montana Beef Network -  some PDF files are corrupted)

Animal Welfare Critical Control Points and Audits:

Animal welfare requirements and verification audits are being implemented by large "fast food" chains as a condition of purchasing animal products. As a producer, you need to be aware of these trends and their implications.

Food Marketing Institute - Animal Welfare

McDonald's Supplier Animal Welfare Requirements

National Council of Chain Restaurants News (animal welfare)

Temple Grandin

Whole Foods Market standards

Yum Brands Animal Welfare Program (A&W, KFC, Long John Silvers, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut)

Livestock Farming Opposition:

I believe that it is important for the agricultural community to be familiar with those issues and the perspectives of those in society whose actions may be perceived as negatively impacting members of the agricultural community, particularly if a general social shift occurs as a result of these activities. The following are some examples of on-line websites organized by activists against current livestock husbandry and use practices.

Note that these groups are using animal disease outbreaks such as BSE and Foot and Mouth Disease to promote their messages to the public.

FARM: Farm Animal Reform Movement (advocating a plant-based diet and rights for farmed animals)

PETA-Online (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine (ND Barnard, MD Vegetarian orientation)

The NOTMILK Homepage! (Robert Cohen, anti-dairy and dairy product consumption)

The Public Lands Grazing Activist

Oregon Natural Desert Association

Waste of the West

Links Mentioned in Class

US Animal Health Association

Reading Assignment for Wednesday:

Conditions for Producers' Use of Livestock Drugs

Assignment due Wednesday:

Using the URL's linked below under "Internet Resources":

1) Access Cornell Consultant, enter a disease of interest to you in a species of interest to you and print out and hand in the first page of the disease description and reference page for that disease.

2) Access PubMed, search for literature on the same disease, print out and hand in only the first page of references for that disease.

(To print out only one page from your web browser, use the "File" menu to access the "Print" submenu. On the Print submenu, select "Print pages from ____ to ____" and enter "1" in both boxes, then select "Okay"..)

3) Access an on-line proceedings of a national meeting or an extension publications site, find a presentation or publication of interest to you, print out and hand in only the first page.

4) Access the second link to the Pioneer website and and print out and hand in only the first page of that site.

Internet Resources:

The Internet contains a wealth of materials relevant to this class and to your interests in livestock health and disease. One reason that so much information relevant to this class is on the Web is that a major mission of the agricultural extension service is to communicate information to producers. The Internet provides an excellent mechanism for doing that to the dispersed audience of producers. As a result, many very useful extension publications are on the Web. The medical literature can also be searched for free on-line through the National Library of Medicine. Because more than half of the veterinary literature is cataloged by the NLM, you can locate and read the abstracts to much of the veterinary literature. Cornell Consultant also provides an on-line means to identify the most recent relevant clinical literature as selected by Dr. Maurice White, a Cornell food animal clinician. As the WorldWideWeb matures, the amount and quality of information will likely increase.

(Note to students - visit the following 4 websites for which the URL's are bolded; others are optional for your browsing.)

Cornell Consultant: A Diagnostic Support System for Veterinary Medicine (Dr. M E White; A unique resource to establish differentials and to identify current papers on a disease)
http://www.vet.cornell.edu/consultant/consult.asp  (visit this one)

Note on Searching: The disease names (diagnoses) in this database are very specific. You can search by entering only part of the name, such as "pneumonia", and select from the list of diagnoses that have these terms in the name.  The more technical terms, such as "diarrhea", yield considerably more hits than do the more common terms, such as "scours". You can also search by first selecting the species and then selecting a set of clinical signs that accompany the disease that you are interested in. The database has "lookup tables" to help you select the right term for the clinical sign. For example, entering "blood" brings up a list of clinical signs associated with blood, whether it is in the feces, milk, urine, eye or where ever.

Cornell Consultant has a direct link to PubMed and links to other on-line resources.

You can order the papers through PubMed, through the Cornell Flowers Library, or by Adobe Acrobat PDF file through e-mail from the University of Washington at http://healthlinks.washington.edu/hsl/forms/order.html. The latter takes credit cards and a couple of days.

National Library of Medicine PubMed
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi  (visit this one)

One of the great features of PubMed is the "related article" function that enables you to find the closely related papers that they have indexed close to a good hit that you have found. Over half of the recent major veterinary journals are indexed here and the proportion is increasing.

Examples of On-line Proceedings of National Meetings (visit one)

Beef Improvement Federation (click on symposium papers or archives)

Range Beef Cow Symposium XVIII

Western Canadian Dairy Seminar  (University of Alberta - entire 95 - 03 proceedings are on-line)

To use, click on the "Proceedings" arrow on the left margin, click on the proceedings year you desire and then click on "Table of Contents" to see the list of presentations

Western Dairy Management Conference

Examples of On-line Extension Collections: (WSU is behind in this regard)

University of Illinois NETS - On-line papers, links

NebGuide: Animal Diseases (Nebraska Extension Guides)

Oklahoma State University Animal Science Publications -  (Agribusiness, Beef, Dairy, Horse, ...)

Examples of Company sites: (Note: The following are examples, not endorsements!)

The internet is a logical way for an company to deliver product information of varying detail efficiently  to their agricultural customers, who are otherwise widely dispersed across the country, on the demand of the customer. Rather than being "push" driven, the system is "pull" driven.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. (major source of seed for forage and grain crops)

Nutrition Research and Technology
http://www.pioneer.com/usa/nutrition/  (visit this one)


Calf Notes (American Protein Corporation, Dr. Jim Quigley - formerly at the University of Tennessee)

My collection of example links:

WWWeb Sources for Agricultural Animal Veterinarians (115 KB - takes a minute or so to load across a modem)

Contains a collection of links to useful on-line materials for ag-animal veterinarians.